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Aiman Mlehati


I have the access to independent news. It’s brave to shed light on the truth. Bravo!!

Raid Masri


I love to read more and more about Arabic Cuisine. Keeps posting new dishes.

sad girl near shabby tent
Waheba Bomzal


Amazing to read more about MENA culture by native writers and journalists.

Lama Mlehati

Other News

Did Putin win the French parliamentary elections?

Certainly, the world today, with its monetary economy and liquidity, is heading towards building a multipolar international monetary system, perhaps ending the dominance of the US dollar in favour of the rise of other diverse competing currencies, and the Russian ruble will be among these rising currencies. This is the reality of what the Russian-Ukrainian war will produce, regardless of who wins this war.

Do not believe the falsity of their claims… they sold Lebanon’s wealth

The truth is that they sold oil and gas after they starved the Lebanese people and stole their financial savings, and they did not dare to recover them or activate the accounting laws, so how do you want us to believe that they will preserve Lebanon’s wealth..? They formulated and even consecrated the idea of doctrinal and sectarian security, and the sanctuaries they resort to in times of distress when the winds of change swept them.

Preliminary reading in Lebanon’s elections…

The new parliament will not be like its predecessor, consisting of sectarian and sectarian blocs seeking brokers and collations with President Berri to pass projects and vestiges, but there is a difficult reality to be reckoned with, concerning the fate of the looted country, and this body, which was eroded and eaten by the hyenas of political feudalism and its failed parties.

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