Al-Faraj Company for Engineering Industries

Al-Faraj Company for Engineering Industries

As encouragement from our magazine for #Arab_entrepreneurs, we are pleased to present to you today one of the leading Arab companies in its field, Al-Faraj Company for Engineering Industries. It is a distinguished precedent in the Middle East.

Al-Faraj Company for Engineering Industries specialized in manufacturing all types of snack production lines, chips lines, and high-quality automated packaging lines.

In today’s meeting, we are pleased to have our conversation with Mr Haitham Al-Faraj, the founding director and owner of Al-Faraj Company for Engineering Industries and its trademark.

First, we would like to talk about your company in very few words

Al-Faraj Company for Engineering Industries is one of the most prominent companies specialising in the manufacture and trade of production lines (production of snacks and roll and wafer production lines) and packaging machines with their volumetric and weight systems for dry and liquid materials for various food and chemical products at high speeds and high productivity.

Why did you start it?

Al-Faraj Company is one of the companies that specialized in the field of industrial machines, production lines and packaging machines. We always strive to improve our produced items to be by international standards.

Tell us about the team that works with you

Our work team is at the highest level of efficiency, high training and experience in our various departments and sections, namely design, production, maintenance, sales and technicians in their various specialities.

How did you create your company?

Through our presence in the Syrian market since the eighties of the last century as pioneers in the maintenance of production lines and industry, we foresaw that the future of the food industry is constantly evolving, so we took it upon ourselves to enter the sector of industries of production equipment and machinery for food production.

Who are your main competitors? How are you different from them?

Our competitors are European companies because of their rapid development and modernization in industrial machinery and equipment in this sector, which distinguishes us in the Middle Eastern market is European product competition in terms of price, timely delivery and after-sales service at the lowest costs and our spread in many countries of the world.

Who are your customers?

Most of the companies in the Egyptian market specialized in the food industries, and we exported to the Arab Gulf countries, Algeria, Libya, Yemen, Jordan, Lebanon, Canada and Uganda.

Why do customers prefer your solution?

Because it provides high quality comparable to European quality, the lowest cost price and the highest productivity, and this is the testimony of many customers.

At what stage of the project are you now?

The stage of development, solutions and innovation in the field of industrial machinery and production lines for the food industry.

What are the next major milestones for your project?

Excellence in the manufacture of roll and wafer production lines, which distinguishes us that we are the only ones in the Arab world and the Middle East who manufacture these lines.

What challenges do you expect?

The instability of global shipping and export prices and the instability of global markets, as in the Coronavirus pandemic.

Is your solution (your project idea) global or is it primarily focused on the Arab world?

It is well known that we excel in the Arab world and the Middle East in the manufacture of roll and wafer production lines, and are one of the first to manufacture these lines with high efficiency and provide them at the best prices compared to foreign lines.

What else would you like to add?

Our company is recognized by everyone for its quality, high efficiency, and outstanding after-sales service, and we aspire to reach the European market.

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