No fraud… the compass has become suspicious

No fraud… the compass has become suspicious

We are talking about the policy and project of building the state, scientifically and logically, not out of accusations and heresies.


Hezbollah cannot impose itself on the Lebanese society by the necessity of electing it because it is a resistance, and because it is targeted by the American-Israeli project because:

  • Iran is negotiating with the Great Satan, America, and sharing influence with it on the Arab arena under the banner of Palestine and liberation.
  • Iran supplies America and its biggest devil with oil and gas to make up for the Russian shortage after Western sanctions on Moscow.
  • Hezbollah, after its popular bases disintegrated, wants us to re-elect it, and it is an ally of the corrupt, thieves and thieves.. (Basil, Berri, and Franjieh)..
  • He is the protector of the militias entrenched in the ministries of the state, receiving salaries and draining the state’s treasury without persevering, and which attack the safe people under the pretext of liberation, Palestine and Jerusalem.
  • Hezbollah is the only remaining fortress or shield that protects this criminal regime that has desecrated the Lebanese people, displaced their people, killed their children and stole their money.
  • According to more than one official, Hezbollah considers that there is no democratic process in Lebanon that is subject to the logic of the majority and the minority, but rather there is consensus between sects and sects (meaning even if it loses its parliamentary majority, it will not recognize it because it considers all the Lebanese people an agent of imperialism, the US and the Israelis).

The representatives of Hezbollah and its Shiite ally Berri will win by rule, but:

All forces opposed to their project must work on preferential voting and activate it and pump it to Sunni, Druze and Christian candidates against the allies of Hezbollah and the Amal movement, so that the duo will leave with their sectarian representatives only, and they will lose sectarian and religious coverage.. and then we will start building Lebanon with a civil, secular state with real democracy..

Then, if a majority is obtained in the parliament, the state-building project can be imposed.. Will they kill all the Lebanese people?

Hezbollah does not believe in dialogue, with its ally Berri, and the recent Sarafand incident is the best proof of the logic of cancellation.

Everything that Bassil and President Michel Aoun are doing and what is left of their reign aims to lift the sanctions against Gibran. As for the border demarcation, they insisted on Line 29, and today they have changed their minds and will do everything that satisfies the Americans and the Israelis.

This is the reality of the project of the forces of opposition and their corrupt allies and thieves who today want to install them on our shoulders..

We will fight the battle to liberate Lebanon before liberating Palestine from thieves and from sectarian and sectarian forces… Every slogan or compass does not aim at building Lebanon and holding thieves accountable in it, as it is suspicious and divisive.