Before the elections.. A reading of the ruling regime’s perpetrations and the role of the International Monetary Fund

Before the elections.. A reading of the ruling regime’s perpetrations and the role of the International Monetary Fund


Lebanon is facing the repercussions of a catastrophe more dangerous than the catastrophe of Palestine in the year 1948, when the Zionists stole their property, lands and homes, and thus their homeland. A civil war, with a ruling system that was formed mostly from the forces, leaders, and princes of the sects for this war and its criminals, in addition to the climbing of some of these forces to the emerging axis of resistance and opposition, which, through its hegemony over Lebanon, contributed to bringing the Lebanese people to a fate perhaps worse than what the Palestinians lived and live.

Israel, which stole the Palestinians’ lands and their homeland in front of the international community, as well as the financial and political junta ruling Lebanon, in an organic alliance with a banking oligarchy class, stole the Lebanese and disposed of their money, some of them savings for a lifetime, and in the eyes and ears of the international community as well.. a crime not different from crimes against humanity but without bloodshed.

The American and West European countries imposed urgent and rapid economic sanctions on Russia after its invasion of Ukraine, and seized the assets, properties and balances of the Russian oligarchic class supporting Putin, as well as Russian oil and gas revenues, and stopped the Swift for financial transfer mechanism in less than two weeks .. While the United States and Europe did not bother itself pursues the looted Lebanese funds in foreign accounts and returns them to their owners.

Because of previous loans granted by Lebanese banks to the Central Bank from depositors’ accounts, and on the pretext of financing state projects’ budgets, the ruling sectarian quota system and its religious parties looted these loans and budgets, through brokerages, tenders, bribes, tax and customs evasion, thefts and deliberate waste, which the state deliberately squandered of money in. state pillars.

Today, the Lebanese are grinding between the hammer of the United States and its policies, the anvil of Iran and its expansionist ambitions, and the pricing of its chauvinistic and sectarian rhetoric, with a hateful and hypocritical attraction that prevents the Lebanese from getting out of this stifling economic and financial crisis.

The European Union, led by France and Emmanuel Macron, who is likely to reach the presidency again, plays the role of proxy and savior for Lebanon:

  • And his eye on the reconstruction of the port of Beirut and the extraction of Lebanon’s wealth from gas and oil.
  • He will continue to whitewash the corrupt system, through his agreement with Hezbollah, and with an American green light, at the expense of Lebanon and the capitals that Tehran boasts of controlling.


The role of the International Monetary Fund is being exaggerated, as it is the key to rescue through the loans it provides, which are crumbs that do not make you fat or sate you from hunger. As for the reforms that he requires as a guarantee for the recovery of these loans, they are taxes and fees whose burden and cost will be borne by the poor Lebanese, in addition to the “Capital Control Law”, which will cut deposits at high rates, and legitimize the system of corruption, quotas and banks, stealing depositors. Without forgetting the previous loan operations they obtained during the reconstruction phase during the rule of the late Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, and their repayment is still stagnant. As well as the loans they obtained in later stages during the periods of Iranian domination of the settlement governments under the umbrella of the axis of resistance and opposition to Israel, and behind it the United States and its international allies a short time ago.

It is time for the Lebanese to abandon the illusions of waiting for relief from abroad.


This small country, riddled with wounds, is contested by local hyenas of cult beasts, warlords and militias. Regional and international hyenas are waiting for the moment to turn the prey into a carcass that can be easily eaten. And the International Monetary Fund, which reflects their true image.

What the world knows is that when the Fund intervenes to grant loans to any country that suffers an economic crisis, this country becomes more and more aggravated, its citizens become poorer, and the process of debt continues.

They are blatant models of authoritarian regimes that do not have an imagination or vision to get them out of crises, so they resort to debt and leave their people in the clutches of the International Monetary Fund, and with it the quota system in Lebanon works by dedicating a new project of looting and theft to this system. As happened in Egypt during the era of Hosni Mubarak and continues during the era of Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, and it will happen to the Lebanese as well.. The result is that the Egyptians are getting poorer than poorer, and with them are the people of Lebanon.

There is an insistence on adopting anesthetic policies not to remove the causes. The International Monetary Fund will rule Lebanon and put it with its people and capabilities at its mercy.

It invests:

  • The incompetence and corruption of governments.
  • In the despair of the peoples and the laziness of the elites, their dullness and corruption in breaking out against this hateful world order represented by the Fund
  • It feeds on crises and produces them at the same time…


In Lebanon, and on the eve of the parliamentary elections, which are supposed to change the political map and lead the country to safety, the forces of change may win some parliamentary seats and the parties in power will win. Thus, participation has given more legitimacy to political forces and a corrupt, collapsed authority, and confirmed a defeat for the revolution whose people rose up to preserve the dignity that was squandered. With this defeat, the series of episodes of defeats of the Arab counter-revolutions after the Arab Spring is completed, and the turn of the October 17 revolution has come on its Lebanese date to be extinguished and gone.

To be brief, we say that the real battle for the elections in Lebanon is in Mount Lebanon and around the Christian vote, and the areas it will achieve that will be able to cover Hezbollah and its ally, through Aoun, the current and the strong covenant… The rest of what remains is considered a partner in the race only, and this is of course incorrect.

The most important question is:

Could the revolutionaries have done other than what they did?

The answer: No.. They are governed by their context, their political legacy, their sects, and their sectarian and social heritage, which predates the existence of the modern state in the first place. This revolutionary experiment could have succeeded without running and panting behind a parliamentary seat, and the priority should be to launch a broad, elitist, popular debate. Without masks, he sought consent and legitimacy in liberation, resistance, and patriotism standards.

This is the reality of the project of the forces of opposition, their corrupt allies, and the thieves who today want to install them on the shoulders of the people again, and they succeeded in dragging the forces of the revolution to their stadium, entering them into details and wasting time.

So Hezbollah:

After his popular bases disintegrated, he wants to be re-elected, and he is an ally of the corrupt, thieves and thieves.. (Basil, Berri, and Franjieh). He is the protector of the militias entrenched in the ministries of the state, receiving salaries and draining the state treasury without persevering, and which attack the safe people under the pretext of liberation, Palestine and Jerusalem. His money, and according to more than one official in it, considers that in Lebanon there is no democratic process that is subject to the logic of the majority and the minority, but rather there is consensus between sects and sects, and this means a return to the dividing, fragmentation and quota square for the capabilities of the nation.

More than that, everything that Bassil and President Michel Aoun do, and the rest of their terms, aims to lift the sanctions on Gibran. As for the demarcation of the borders, they insisted on Line 29, and today they have changed their minds and will do everything that satisfies the Americans and the Israelis.


The battle to liberate Lebanon must be fought before liberating Palestine from thieves and thieves and from sectarian and sectarian forces… Every slogan or compass does not aim at building Lebanon and holding the thieves accountable in it, as it is suspicious and divisive…

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