Dam Writers

Dam Writers

As encouragement from our magazine for young entrepreneurs in Europe and the Arab world, we are pleased to present to you today one of the leading companies in its field in the Netherlands.

Today, we had a short interview with Yasser Al-Ahwal to introduce us to Dam Writers.

Tell us about your company, please

Dam Writers is a startup company that provides online digital services.

Why did you start this business?

After settling in the Netherlands, I could not find a job that fit my previous experience, so I started my own company.

Tell us about the team that works with you

With the participation of my partner Kimberly Fry, we started our own company, where we worked together. Because my partner and I love writing, we decided to start our company, Dam Writers.

Who are your main competitors? How are you different from them?

Competition is part of any business, so people who provide similar services to ours can be considered the main competitors.

We differentiate ourselves through the flexibility and level of professionalism we offer our clients.

Follow-up on developments in the field of work, new technologies and programs, and continuous training, in addition to confidence in the results that our services give, are what our customers prefer.

At what stage are you now?

Although Dam Writers is still a young company, we have managed to establish our feet in the online market and now have a list of different clients.

What challenges do you expect?

We are now seeking to develop the project, by working on our channels on social media, in addition to developing the website and introducing new services.

Time management, customer satisfaction, as well as the development of our channels remain challenges for our startup.

Finally, I would like to thank you and Forward Incubator for the support and assistance in starting my own business.


Yasser Al-Ahwal

Freelance journalist and co-founder of the startup Dam Writers. Yasser specializes in politics, economics, e-marketing and social media.

Instagram, LinkedIn: @damwriters

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