Israel assassinates the press

Israel assassinates the press

She told us thousands of stories, about the crimes of the occupation and its brutality, it was the eye that monitored and documented, it was the voice that spoke the truth, and exposed practices that are least said to be inhumane, it defied fear before it challenged the occupation, and because she defeated her fear, her name was added to the list of martyrs of land and duty, after Her death sentence was issued this morning, which was carried out in cold blood. A single bullet in the head was enough to put the endpoint of a story that she was her heroine, a story that has been writing its chapters for 24 years.

I chose the press to be close to the human being, it is not easy, perhaps to change the reality, but at least I was able to convey that voice to the world,

I am Shereen Abu Aqleh.

Journalist with a degree of resistance

It was not easy to accept the news of the assassination of Shereen, the free voice of Palestine, as described by the pioneers of the communication sites, who lamented her with very moving words. We are all accustomed to following her professional journalistic coverage, as we are used to her distinguished appearance. She was the one who used to say I am the daughter of Jerusalem and I would like to see it happy, and because this happiness is a dowry, Shereen Abu Aqleh did not fear to pay it, as other colleagues such as Ahmed Abu Al-Hussein, Abdullah Fadl Murtaja, Ali Shehta Abu Afash, Hamada Khaled Muqat preceded her, and the list, unfortunately, will have no full stop at its end, as long as all of Israel’s crimes go unnoticed, although most of them are often fully illustrated, and do not require investigation, as some call for every crime.

Who will hold Israel accountable for these crimes? It is certainly not the League of Arab States that called for international accountability and prosecution before the competent international justice bodies, just as it will not be the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, which called on the relevant international institutions to take immediate action to ensure justice and provide the necessary protection for journalists and media professionals working in the Palestinian territories. occupied. Nor is the International Federation of Journalists, which issued a call calling for action against Israel, to stop targeting journalists. All of these are closer to begging and begging, powerless after they chose to be the weakest link.

Who will hold Israel accountable?

Who will hold Israel accountable are the sons of Jenin, Hebron, the West Bank and Gaza, who will hold Israel accountable are the sons of Jerusalem, who will hold it accountable are the sons of Palestine, who, like Shirin Abu Aqila, are ready to pay the dowry for the liberation of Palestine, whose love instinctively resides in their hearts, those who are born and suckled from the milk of the revolution, those who are terrified Their chants are Israel while chanting with one voice, they think we are a thorn if they step on it, it will break, and they don’t know that we are bombs that if they step on them, they will explode.

Today, Shereen Abu Aqleh has become a beautiful story that is added to the thousands of stories she used to tell us, stories of steadfastness and defiance, stories of sacrifice and redemption, Shereen Abu Aqleh will remain in our memory. She is the one who made her journalistic journey an entire stage of our life we lived with her through our screens, so we cried, angered, solidarity and proud. She was the one who succeeded in conveying the voice of her people to the whole world.

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