Do not believe the falsity of their claims… they sold Lebanon’s wealth

Do not believe the falsity of their claims… they sold Lebanon’s wealth


Everyone knows the sabotage role played by the ruling authority in Lebanon, in its heinous performance and fabrications against the Lebanese people, and the organized crimes committed by each sect against the people of this country, whether through murder and physical liquidation, or impoverishment and starvation. Then deportation and displacement, leave a handful of money brokers and thefts who play the role of guarding the position of the sect, doctrine and leader, considering that its demise will inevitably lead to their demise and their trials, and the destruction of the God who was created and vowed only to liberate the land and the sanctities alone.

Here are the details:

The beginning from Iraq

We start with beloved Iraq, in which all solutions to settlements have become blocked and blocked after the defeat of the Iranian axis in it, and despite the failure of the electoral appeals, they do not want to admit defeat, form a government and elect a president, despite all the initiatives and formulas that have been put forward as a way out of any solution, and this is due, in nature, to loyalties to sectarian forces and militias Doctrinally it owes its survival and existence to the outside, and does not want Iraq to remain anything but a hostage to its regional project, and a tool for bargaining with Washington and the West in the nuclear files, and the regional arms that have tumbled today amid the starvation of the people and their slow death… Not to mention the full support for the perpetrations of Nuri al-Maliki, who is the biggest corrupt He stole Iraq’s treasury and turned it into Washington’s treasuries, which the axis of resistance considers today as one of the tools to confront the American and Zionist colonial project, which cannot be abandoned forever… To settle political and security accounts by Tehran with the Americans, and a free land for bombing, assassinations and systematic destruction, and a violation of global sovereignty National… So they shared the role with precise daily Israeli bombardment of the Syrian territories, Iranian attacks, bombing and destruction of Iraqi sites and facilities, and in both cases violations of the sovereignty of the state…

Regarding Syria

I will not talk about Syria, as it is a country that has already ended, unfortunately. But in Lebanon, the neighbour, brother, and strategic depth, as the resistance literature says, the entire authority worked to maintain sectarian and sectarian alignments and polarization, and the perpetuation of the vertical division between the sons of one people to facilitate their rule, and this is the way of the Zionists in disintegration The fragmentation of countries and peoples, and even the project of sectarian partition and quotas in Lebanon, which was adopted by all political forces, including Hezbollah and its resistance allies, served only the Israeli project in preventing or accessing any internal or development solution, whether in the electricity sector, medicine, food or any project Development… How do you want us to be convinced that you are liberating the leaders of Palestine and the Arab people against the forces of imperialism and Zionism…? It is schizophrenia that we have not yet found in all political literature.

International agreement

There is an international, Russian, American, and European agreement with Iran regarding the arrival of the Israeli drilling ship to the disputed Karish field, and without this international green light, the Zionists would not have dared to venture with the drilling ship, which costs hundreds of millions of dollars and endanger it… Some guarantees have been taken in advance of the elections Parliament by the ruling authority in re-installing the parliamentary panel that was shaken, and its image was shattered, with some slight change to the representatives of civil society, but the truth is that they sold oil and gas, after they starved the Lebanese people and stole their financial savings, and they did not dare to restore them or activate the accounting laws, so how You want us to believe that they will preserve Lebanon’s wealth? They formulated and even consecrated the idea of ​​doctrinal and sectarian security, and the protectorates they resort to in times of distress when the winds of change swept them… They sold everything and wiped out everything in Lebanon, and kept their positions and sectarian and sectarian loyalties to rule the remaining people on the land of Lebanon. This is the danger of the Iranian ideological, religious and sectarian project in the region, and in Lebanon. Who wants it and refuses who refuses. It is our destiny and the destiny of the oppressed on this land…

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