The completion of hitting the “Sunnah” is at the forefront of the goals of US President Biden’s visit to the region

The completion of hitting the “Sunnah” is at the forefront of the goals of US President Biden’s visit to the region

Is the aim of establishing the so-called “Sunni-Israeli alliance led by America to strike Iran? Or more striking of the Sunnis, weakening them, fragmenting them and containing them?”

The West, led by America and Israel, drew and laid out the plan for the Greater Middle East, or the new, and agitated and brought in all its internal tools, nurtured and supported them in the various Arab countries, on top of which are sectarian and ethnic minorities, and all groups carrying narrow and fragmentation projects in these countries, and handing them over to the regional powers that run the region And it shares influence and interests with them, represented by Iran and Israel, with the help of the ruling families in the countries of the Arabian Peninsula, or the Arabian Gulf, and it is forced to get involved and provide assistance because it can only protect its thrones by relying on American protection, as the former US president repeated repeatedly Trump, thus largely excluding Turkey and Egypt from exercising and playing a significant role in leading and largely representing Sunnis in the region.

Iran and Israel

According to what we mentioned above, the Sunnis are under a sharp polarization between the two options in which America manages its influence and hegemony through and through, namely, Iran and Israel, openly or undeclared. The Sunnis have no choice but to choose either to fall under Iranian hegemony, or to choose to fall under Israeli hegemony, and thus remain silent and engage in the process of normalization with the Zionist enemy entity, and enter into a new alliance under the so-called Sunni-Israeli-American alliance against Iran, as promoted by the Americans and many analysts. Arab politicians, intentionally or unintentionally. They know very well that this alliance is primarily directed at first and last to strike at the Arab Sunnis themselves, to weaken and tear them apart, and to prevent them from reuniting and rising again.

Go back to everything that Saudi Arabia and the Arab Gulf states have done, which are counted as countries representing the Sunnis with the Sunnis themselves in Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Lebanon. Saudi Arabia did not provide them with real support except with weapons or training…etc, just as Iran does with the Shiite movements in these countries. Western sponsorship, directly or indirectly. Rather, the role of Saudi Arabia and the Arab Gulf states was one of the most important factors that weakened and fractured them in the face of (Shiite movements, Iran and Israel).

Consider the following

What did Saudi Arabia and the UAE do in Yemen, for example, did they unite the Sunnis in Yemen in the face of the Houthis and Iran? Or, on the contrary, it tore them apart into rival components and militias, and they became weak in the face of the Houthis and Iran?

Did Saudi Arabia and the UAE provide modern and qualitative weapons to the Sunnis in Yemen? Just as Iran did with the Houthis and provided them with qualitative anti-armour weapons, drones, and ballistic missiles, or vice versa, they prevented the arming of the Sunnis, participating in their siege and destroying the Yemeni state’s economy and infrastructure, weakening and impoverishing them and preventing them from benefiting from their oil, gas and other wealth.

And this is how these countries did to the Sunnis in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and others, and on top of that, the American media and the media outlets close to it insist on naming what US President Biden will do in forming a new alliance in the region, in his upcoming visit to Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states, and the entity of the Zionist enemy under the name “Sunni alliance” An Israeli led by America against Iran” (or as he was also called by Abdel Bari Atwan in his last article) in the biggest deception and fallacy in the history of the region, which is far from the truth.

Which aims to:


Deceive the Arab people (Sunnis), who represent the majority, and contain them in these countries, making them do not possess real military power, keep them under control and dependent on protection over them, and occupy their land under this pretext, and their failure to rise or think seriously about obtaining qualitative weapons, and to rely on themselves in Confronting the Iranian, Israeli, American, and Western threat and those who try to do so will strike and crush it first, under the justification of the accusation of fighting terrorism and belonging to al-Qaeda and ISIS.


Controlling the Sunnis, making them in a state of weakness, preventing them from rebelling against the families and ruling regimes that rule them, loyal to America and Israel, and making them in a state of instability and internal sectarian and regional wars.


Blocking Turkey from supporting the Arab and Muslim Sunnis, trying to unify their decision with them, and representing the Sunnis instead of Saudi Arabia and the Arab Gulf states, they succeeded in the beginning, and before that, in isolating Egypt, and weakening its role in this direction before Turkey.


Integrating Israel into the political, economic, cultural, sports and other maps with its Arab environment, and declaring direct normalization with it. Israel, despite all the developments that have taken place in its favour, is still so far isolated, and not affiliated with any regional grouping, neither is it an Asian country nor is it an African country Nor is it a European country that enjoys the membership and benefits of all regional and continental groupings in Asia, West Asia, Africa or Europe.


The final liquidation of the Palestinian cause, or its burial and freezing in the long run, and cutting off the Palestinians’ hope of receiving any effective support from the Arabs for their cause.

The conclusion

  • Iran will not be able to remain a major regional power in the region with the presence of strong and united Arab states. Therefore its political and military doctrine is based on the fragmentation and rupture of the Arab countries from within and making them unstable and weak if it wants to extend its influence westward in the Arab region. It is the only geographical entity that can Including extending its influence and sharing gains and interests with the West and the major countries in it, from the east and north there is the Chinese and Russian obstacle in front of it, and from the south is Pakistan and India.
  • Israel, in turn, is also like Iran, whose political and military doctrine is based on the fragmentation and rupture of the Arab countries, making them always weak and unstable.
  • America, Britain, France and their allies, the fact that the Arab states remain cohesive, united and strong represent a great danger to their interests and influence, and their political and military creed is based on preventing the Sunnis from uniting and forming large and powerful states for them, or an empire that unites their will, political decisions and economic interests, since they represent the majority of the population of Arabs and Muslims.

And since the Sunnis are able, they can do that if conditions are created for them, and they have historical experiences, and they were able before the formation of such countries and empires, which posed a threat to Western empires such as (the Ottoman Empire, and before that the Ayyubids, Abbasids, Umayyads and others).

Unlike the Shiite minority, which has been proven in all stages of its history that it cannot form a state in the middle of the Sunni ocean or ocean, except by alliance and coordination with empires and Western and major countries, and in historical stages in which Sunni weakness and rupture prevail.


All those parties that we have mentioned share, and unite them in one interest, which is to keep the Sunnah in a state of weakness, rupture, polarization, civil wars, poverty and hunger, and to prevent them from possessing strength, will and unity.

It is shameful and unfair, after that, that we listen to and believe those who call the alliance to be established by Biden as a “Sunni-Israeli-American alliance against Iran”, during his upcoming visit to Israel, Saudi Arabia and the Arab Gulf states, in the middle of next July, according to what was announced by the media.

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