Decoding letters and dismantling speech

Decoding letters and dismantling speech

Countries, factions and parties called “opposition” themselves by this name, and it means that they oppose American policy in the Arab world, and support Arab national liberation movements, including Iran, Syria, Hezbollah in Lebanon and Iraq, the Popular Mobilization Forces in Iraq and the Houthis in Yemen. They want to prevent the implementation and violation of American policies. The Arab world, meaning that it does not want this American colonial policy to succeed, according to their opinion, in the region, where the conflict does not end and there is no prospect of a settlement for it. However, after the Resisting Alliance took control and power, and its internal bourgeoisie buried deep inside it grew and grew, it rose and confronted and prevented any real change. Or reform that the people seek for fear of foreign intrusions, as they claim, as did the groups of the axis of resistance with the uprising of the Lebanese people, which they faced and accused of working for the benefit of the embassies, the Americans and the Israelis, as well as the case in Iraq and its uprising.

According to the Lebanese experience on the occasion of the forties of authoritarianism and tyrannical practice in the rule of the people, and on religious ideological premises, this political-security formation with its premises does not recognize the rule of authority and opposition, and there is no orientation in its literature to the right or left in political rule, as they are in constant confusion and tension, and a clear contradiction in the discourse Politics between participation in government and power and complaining about it, and corruption files underpinning the media review.

These groups do not believe in change and its necessity as an inevitability in the transformation and development of society. For them, change does not come except above according to a supreme religious authoritarian will, which derives its legitimacy from God to rule people on the earth, and seized the joints of the Palestinian cause to measure on its basis and through which people are judged, and to control people. The rhythm of political and social life according to the level of patriotism that it grants to citizens, opponents and everyone who disagrees with them, and this is what the Lebanese people experienced in their last parliamentary elections of sectarian and sectarian mobilization and polarization, and attacks on everyone who opposes opinion and choice, and this is inconsistent with the mechanisms of democratic action and constitutional institutions that these forces consider Just heresies that should not be resorted to, as is the case with carrying arms and letting them go in the street to appeal to a theory: There is no objection to a political party being armed and participating in elections, just as in Lebanon, with the Revolutionary Guards in Iran and the Popular Mobilization in Iraq, where there is no contradiction between carrying arms and an exercise that is a civilian translation of legitimate violence.

Our problem with Hezbollah in Lebanon is that it wants a national unity government that represents all parliamentary blocs, eliminating any possibility of political opposition and monitoring and holding the government accountable. The most serious problem that shows the contradictions between them and between them and the rest of the components of the Lebanese people, is that they do not recognize the class and the class struggle, but rather the sects, sects and the nation, and the conflicts between them have been going on for more than hundreds of years, and societal struggles, according to their opinion, must remain within the religious rhythm, without To be out in the open, when conflict is prevented on the social, economic and political level, it makes change almost impossible.

In the final analysis..

Following the worsening living conditions, financial collapse, malnutrition and extreme poverty, medicine, bread and fuel were lost to all Lebanese, in an unprecedented economic and financial crisis in the world, against the background of rampant and disgusting corruption, then the Corona pandemic, the explosion of the port of Beirut, and finally the food security crisis and the threat of starvation as a result of the collapse and for the war in Ukraine.

Therefore, the ruling system has been weakened and shaken by its various sectarian and religious components, and its parties, supporters and incubators, no matter how arrogant and arrogant Hezbollah is with it, especially with the October 17 revolution, which they faced with repression and indifference, and by deepening sterile social policies and fissures, which sparked great awareness among the Lebanese people that affected the ruling system. By its fire without killing it, and forcing it to reposition, through:

The recent parliamentary elections, which brought about a tangible change in the mood of Lebanese public opinion, uprooted heads calculated on the axis of opposition, so Hezbollah lost its complete hegemony in Parliament, and it became necessary to re-engineer its alliances and balances to secure the half plus one.

It is true that he once again monopolized Shiite representation, but the low voter turnout reflected the narrowness of the Shiite environment with the extent of these fabricated policies, despite the electoral law and political money, and forgery, intimidation and death threats to anyone who dared to confront him as a candidate, and for the first time he faced the Sunni environment and was unable to secure Sunni cover balanced, lost on the Druze level, lost Christian cover, and civil forces confronted it in different ways.

To this day, these ruling forces that prevent change are still evading the urgently required reform entitlements, sometimes escaping to demarcate the borders that the party’s allies worked to compromise Lebanon’s maritime rights and Decree 6433, and at times to threaten marches over the sea despite its realization that playing with oil and gas files, The threat to its security is a danger that Russia did not dare to provoke at the height of its war with the West, and the third is to distract the Lebanese in sectarian and religious polarization to remind clients and treason. The washing line of Palestine and liberation, all to prevent reform and state building after they sensed the danger of leaving and the impasse.

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