Focus Magazine
It is an independent English/Arabic magazine issued by the Netherlands that sheds light on everything that concerns the Arab citizens and meet their aspirations.
We work on a voluntary basis and publish information and opinions and convey the news objectively and transparently.
We emphasize the principles that regulate relations between members of society. Among the most important are freedom, equality, justice and all the important values ​​that include peace, love, brotherhood and prosperity.
Justice is not exercised only on civilized peoples in the Western world. Rather, it must be practiced everywhere for every person, regardless of his belief or religion.
What is published in Focus magazine does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the magazine; All published news are taken from their sources and represent the opinion of their owners.
We publish in politics, economics, health, tourism, culture, technology, sports, art, literature, etc.
We also publish everything that is useful and we welcome the publication of our followers’ posts.

Focus magazine does not serve any political, media, or otherwise, in achieving goals far from the Arab citizens’ right to know, the interest of society, and Focus magazine’s vision, website, and biases are evident in its declared editorial policy by reporting the news objectively and transparently.

Focus Magazine
A news site and a non-profit project, which does not produce informational materials for the purpose of generating financial returns; We rely on unconditional voluntary efforts and donations, and we are working to develop a network of relationships with civil society institutions that allow us to access many consulting services in the field of financial and moral support for the project, in addition to generating part of the operational costs through advertisements that Do not violate the values ​​of the magazine and provide media content products to willing commercial entities.

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Work environment
The internal relations in Focus magazine are based on the so-called team spirit rather than the traditional functional relationships, and we attach great importance to the personal creative motivation, and we work within a comfortable environment thanks to the technology of remote communication.

You can volunteer and join our team by emailing us directly on the messenger page, e-mail, or the communication page on our website.