Focus editorial family

Focus magazine editorial family

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We are proud in Focus magazine of everyone who shares our vision and values and prefers to express the people’s voice and present their reading of reality.

Focus magazine is strengthened by a team of regular contributors, from all across the region and Europe.

Those journalists joined us because they dare to share the truth.

They share a passion for high-quality journalism and write on their speciality subject.

Focus Magazine offers them direct access to the publishing stage so they can edit and publish their articles, without the risk of being censored.

Aiman Mlehati

Founder and Editor-in-Chief

Freelance journalist and researcher in Middle Eastern history and politics.

Dr. Raid Al-Masri

Professor of Political Science and International Economic Relations from Lebanon.


Journalists can write without being silenced or controlled. Focus Magazine shows readers what is happening.

Aiman Mlehati


I have the access to independent news. It’s brave to shed light on the truth. Bravo!!

Raid Masri


I love to read more and more about Arabic Cuisine. Keeps posting new dishes.

sad girl near shabby tent
Waheba Bomzal


Amazing to read more about MENA culture by native writers and journalists.

Lama Mlehati