Why Focus Magazine

The idea of ​​creating an Arabic electronic magazine came from a live experience that we all lived through the Arab revolutions, which opened our eyes and ears to the latent realities in our Arab societies, and we saw the need for a real source of information that expresses the active opinion of young people who are open to the world that is not blind to its national and regional issues. As well as international.

They need to know the opinion of young people who aspire to live and who wish to build their society on sound foundations that meet their aspirations and achieve their hopes. And it is that expressive voice in a space of freedom and transparency.

Arab media sources were partial to reality, expressing only the visions of governments or international policies, ignoring what is happening in Arab societies with all its spectrums: social, cultural, intellectual and political, and deliberately ignoring the influential Arab and regional environment.

It was necessary for us to follow up on everything that is happening in our Arab countries from the ocean to the Gulf of conflicts aimed at liberation, as is the case in Syria, and reforms as expressed by the Tunisian experience, and a coup against the revolutions of peoples and returning them to the era of dictatorships, as is the case in Egypt and Libya, and theft For the capabilities of other Arab peoples that are drowning in the darkness of media blackouts, such as Morocco and the Sultanate of Oman, you hardly hear anything about them. And the policies of exclusion of the other, excluding power, and silencing the mouths of reformists in Saudi Arabia, the Emirates and Bahrain. The marginalization of the Yemeni revolution and throwing it into the arms of Iranian tyranny and the oppression of Arab relatives scrambling to share influence under the pretext of support.

We had to create a free platform that expresses only the aspirations of the Arab peoples, preserves their Islamic and human values, and shows their heritage and civilizational heritage to the world as bright as it was, without fear of irrational and unrealistic accusations based on the idea of ​​Islamophobia, to ignite imaginary conflicts between our Arab Islamic civilization and Western nations.

Let us attract all Muslim and non-Muslim Arab thinkers and those who live in their countries and every free European or Western thinker who believes in humanity and freedom to contribute with us to building this intellectual, scientific, cultural, political civilizational and social platform.

The questions are many and the topics raised are available. It is not the political aspect that is our only focus, but social and culture, information technology and the digital revolution, and economic and environmental changes, based on history, and all of this appears in intellectual, literary, and artistic productions in their diversity.

We all know that the Arab countries are not only those located on the southern bank of the Mediterranean, and far from its northern European coast. Nor is it the one that extends from the Shatt al-Arab and the Gulf of Aden to the Atlantic Ocean. Rather, it is deeply connected with everything that surrounds it from the Turks and Persians, as well as the Far East and the Far West, with a unique cultural blending through centuries and generations of conflicts, cooperation, occupation, influence and cultural, intellectual and political influence to the Our time is under the influence of globalization. What led to all these influences to the state of fragmentation in the region at the beginning of the twentieth century and the disruption of the fragmentation in the twenty-first century.

The hand of colonialism (in the political sense) has played in this region for centuries and decades, but this will not be our excuse to bear all the problems of the Arab countries. So that they handed over the capabilities of their countries to those who plundered them and mortgaged the rest to the outside who is looking only for his interests, even if he tied them with restrictions that are stronger and fiercer than his old colonialism (the World Bank and financial aid).

There will not be a real reform movement in Arab societies without real salvation from those who try to hinder it from its real progress and its contribution to building the human civilization that it shares with all the peoples who live on this beautiful blue ball.

This vast geographical area (the Arab region) is witnessing major social, cultural and political transformations, and ignoring the events taking place in it means short-sightedness in dealing with major international crises. The countries of the world, and not only consider it as the homeland of the Arabs and the origin of Islam, nor should it be ignored that Christianity came out of that land and spread throughout the world.

We seek to be a free media platform, where everyone, including scholars, thinkers, writers and journalists, professionals and beginners, interested in the region from historians and writers, economists and human rights activists, jurists and diplomats can all contribute to providing a clear understanding of this region of the world, highlighting its position and pushing it and the world to Creative and fruitful convergence. Therefore, we do not like to be placed within the field of news reporting, but rather we seek to launch in various fields the possible and available ways, relying on the support of our readers and those who share with us its intellectual outcomes in all fields.