Author: Aiman Mlehati

Fewer calories help you lose weight, the benefits of carrots and cucumbers

Cucumber and carrots have an important role in maintaining health and providing many essential nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that our bodies need, and they are among the foods that are highly recommended in the event of a diet regime, and to know the benefits of cucumber and carrots for diet and other foods useful for weight loss we explain it In this article.

sad girl near shabby tent

“Syrians in Lebanon” are not treated with the tolerance of religions, nor with the generosity of the pre-Islamic era

The Syrians in Lebanon are still subjected on a daily basis to the worst forms of inhumane treatment from the not few Lebanese, who have shown their hatred against the weak who have no guilt except the destructive war, which was imposed on them by a criminal regime that refuses but to be recorded in history in the pages of shame.