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Israel assassinates the press

een Abu Aqleh has become a beautiful story that is added to the thousands of stories she used to tell us, stories of steadfastness and defiance, stories of sacrifice and redemption, Shereen Abu Aqleh will remain in our memory. She is the one who made her journalistic journey an entire stage of our life we lived with her through our screens, so we cried, angered, solidarity and proud. She was the one who succeeded in conveying the voice of her people to the whole world.

The International Organization for Local Governance IOLG, The Role and Objectives

It is a series of activities initiated by the organization around the world, aimed at spreading awareness and development, promoting a culture of dialogue, convergence and civilizational cross-fertilization among peoples, rejecting violence, enhancing transparency in governance, strengthening democratic action, and expanding the framework of local decentralization. This organization will not stop until it achieves the desired goals and objectives around the world.

The Houthi Checkpoints along the Travel Route in Ma’rib and Al Bayda are Extortion to Expatriates

it is an endless suffering and multiple devious ways adopted by the Houthi militias to tighten the procedures and blackmail the expatriates reverting to their hometowns that are subject to their control, and to add that to its previous record of robbery and plunder of the resources and gains of the Yemeni people.

Russia and the West… An expanding war and a new international exchange system

As Bloomberg data indicated, the move by major European companies to open accounts in rubles has led to relative calm in natural gas prices, with the start of providing studies to buyers that would enable Europe to obtain oil and gas supplies from Russia, without violating sanctions. Noting that natural gas futures contracts fell by 3.5% after they rose by about 16% in the past.

Before the elections.. A reading of the ruling regime’s perpetrations and the role of the International Monetary Fund

In Lebanon, and on the eve of the parliamentary elections, which are supposed to change the political map and lead the country to safety, the forces of change may win some parliamentary seats and the parties in power will win. Thus, participation has given more legitimacy to political forces, a corrupt, and collapsed authority.

The Houthi Military Council continued rejection of the Riyadh consultations under the auspices of Gulf countries

On March 17th, the Gulf Cooperation Council announced its desire to hold a comprehensive political conference in Riyadh for Yemen’s warring parties. At a news conference, the Council’s Secretary-General, Nayef Al-Hajraf said this: “The meeting will be conducted between March 29th and April 7th to combine ranks.”

The Russian-Ukrainian war… The alliance of opposition in Lebanon… An assessment of the position

The repercussions of the crisis/or the Russian-Ukrainian war and its heavy repercussions from the point of view of observers, analysts and observers, would have hit the soft areas of the world, especially in developing and economically stumbling countries, after they reached a state of inflation and high costs in production processes and supply chains in food, energy and gas, which is, of course, will lead to the exacerbation of social tensions, the start of displacements and confusion of regional and international alliances, and the tendency towards radical political options that restructure the map of economic production across the world.